pingouin.tost(x, y, bound=1, paired=False, correction=False)[source]

Two One-Sided Test (TOST) for equivalence.

x, yarray_like

First and second set of observations. x and y should have the same units. If y is a single value (e.g. 0), a one-sample test is performed.


Magnitude of region of similarity (a.k.a epsilon). Note that this should be expressed in the same unit as x and y.


Specify whether the two observations are related (i.e. repeated measures) or independent.

correctionauto or boolean

Specify whether or not to correct for unequal variances using Welch separate variances T-test. This only applies if paired is False.

statspandas DataFrame

TOST summary

'bound' : bound (= epsilon, or equivalence margin)
'dof' : degrees of freedom
'pval' : TOST p-value

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Schuirmann, D.L. 1981. On hypothesis testing to determine if the mean of a normal distribution is contained in a known interval. Biometrics 37 617.



  1. Independent two-sample TOST with a region of similarity of 1 (default)

>>> import pingouin as pg
>>> a = [4, 7, 8, 6, 3, 2]
>>> b = [6, 8, 7, 10, 11, 9]
>>> pg.tost(a, b)
      bound  dof      pval
TOST      1   10  0.965097
  1. Paired TOST with a different region of similarity

>>> pg.tost(a, b, bound=0.5, paired=True)
      bound  dof      pval
TOST    0.5    5  0.954854
  1. One sample TOST

>>> pg.tost(a, y=0, bound=4)
      bound  dof      pval
TOST      4    5  0.825967