Source code for pingouin.datasets

import pandas as pd
import os.path as op
from pingouin.utils import print_table

ddir = op.dirname(op.realpath(__file__))
dts = pd.read_csv(op.join(ddir, 'datasets.csv'), sep=',')

__all__ = ["read_dataset", "list_dataset"]

[docs]def read_dataset(dname): """Read example datasets. Parameters ---------- dname : string Name of dataset to read (without extension). Must be a valid dataset present in pingouin.datasets Returns ------- data : pd.DataFrame Dataset Examples -------- Load the ANOVA dataset >>> from pingouin import read_dataset >>> df = read_dataset('anova') """ # Check extension d, ext = op.splitext(dname) if ext.lower() == '.csv': dname = d # Check that dataset exist if dname not in dts['dataset'].values: raise ValueError('Dataset does not exist. Valid datasets names are', dts['dataset'].values) # Load dataset return pd.read_csv(op.join(ddir, dname + '.csv'), sep=',')
[docs]def list_dataset(): """List available example datasets. Examples -------- >>> from pingouin import list_dataset >>> list_dataset() # doctest: +SKIP """ print_table(dts)